BioPharm Associates LLC
Biopharmaceutical Project Management Solutions
The Pharmaceutical Industry Paradigm Shift

With dwindling success rates the pharmaceutical industry is looking for other sources of innovation and more shots at the goal.  This has led to a paradigm shift in the industry from R&D to Research, Acquire, Develop, and Commercialize.

Innovation will rely on contributions from a variety of sources, with partnerships, and outsourcing providing unique expertise.  An effective project management organization is key to “providing the glue” to manage in this new paradigm.


BioPharm Associates LLC is a Project Management Consulting Company whose focus is on improving business results and value for the biopharma industry.  The company develops the skills and managerial attention needed to create business success for biopharmaceutical corporations across the globe.


We accomplish this by:

  • Our 20 years of project management experience in the biopharma industry.


  • Identifying all business customers  - users/owners/stakeholders.


  • Using our Value Process to identify strategic goals and business customer needs.


  • Implementing proven project management tools and processes.


  • Developing win-win alliances with our customers by first identifying KPI’s to measure project management success.






BioPharm Associates LLC is conveniently located in the NJ/Philadelphia pharmaceutical business center.  

BioPharm Associates LLC is a member of BioNJ. 








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